Perinatal Death as a Pastoral Problem

Begagnad bok."This study investigates how perinatal death has been dealt with in pastoral theology mostly within the Church of Sweden and in the Catholic Church compared to the corresponding development in USA and Graet Britain, especially as it can be seen in unofficial and official rituals. The center of the book consists of an interview study with 79 families who lost a child in the perinatal period at Karolinska sjukhuset in Stockholm during the years 1970-77. It is focused on the issue of reality confrontation. This very period is the time of change when it concerns the care of the bereaved parents, which means a change from a protective attitude towards more of confrontation with reality in terms of accepting the child as a child, seeing it and planning for and attending the funeral service. The stillborn children provide a special pastoral challenge. The last part of the study deals with rituals
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Författare Andersson Wretmark, Astrid
Omfång (sidor) 319
Utg.datum 1993
PLU 9122015590
ISBN 9122015590
Vikt (g) 300.0000
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